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R&D Policy

QRP, Inc., conducts research and development under the following basic policies to achieve growth in core business areas and create new business opportunities.

1.  Integrated Business and R&D Strategies - New business development which enhances the quality of life; sustained growth of existing businesses through innovative products and processes.

2.  Research Policy Approaches - Create new value by integrating multiple technologies in various fields; enhance group synergies and accelerate development.



  1. What is QRP's research and development policy?

  1. What is QRP's research and development policy?

    For over 30 years QRP and its affiliated subsidiaries have been committed to undertake research and development toimprove the current product specifications as well as develop the future generation of products.

    1.  Electrical & Electronic Sector - The market requirements will be based on RoHS directives.  The RoHS directive is compulsory in Europe and currently being enforced int he US, China and Japan.  Our R&D activities are to modify production parameters to allow the migration from non-RoHS to RoHS compliant chemicals.  All QRP gloves and fingercots (nitrile, latex and polyurethane), are RoHS compliant. 

    2.  All Industries Sector - Market requirements are based inenvironmental protection:  Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle.  Many of QRP's packaging materials can be recycled at local recycling facilities.

    3.  Medical & Pharmaceutical Sector - Market requirements call for 510K registration and CE marking.  QRP's policy is to purchase all raw materials which are compliant with the medical and pharmaceutical sector.



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