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QRP Gloves, Inc.

QRP Gloves provide Quality, Reliability, Performance and Value


Founded in 1974 by glove manufacturing experts, who understand the continuing need for hand protection designed and manufactured expressly for the electronics and high-tech manufacturing, QRP Inc., is a global growth company and leading independent supplier of gloves and fingercots used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Market segments served include: aerospace, biotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, semi-conductor manufacturing, electronics and surface mount technologies and automotive.

An industry innovator, QRP developed the world’s first ESD control finger cots, Class 100 cleanroom latex gloves and carbon-free ESD control gloves.  QRP gloves and finger cots are engineered to increase manufacturing yields, while insuring worker comfort and ease of handling.

As an independent supplier of gloves and finger cots, QRP is constantly striving to increase and improve our product offerings with new gloves which are relevant to the handling concerns of today, and can be refined to meet the handling requirements of the evolving 21st century manufacturing environment.

QRP Gloves and Finger Cots Office

If you are looking for a custom glove or fingercot style, please contact us—the QRP team has over 150 years of experience in the design and fabrication of dipped and knitted gloves.

For further information about QRP Gloves, Inc., feel free to call us at: 800-832-3882, ext. 213,   PO Box 27466 Tucson, AZ  85726 or email us:

QRP Gloves and Finger Cots –  Protecting People, Products and Processes Worldwide

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