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California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

On January 1, 2012 the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB657) went into effect in the State of California.  The Act requires large manufacturers/retailers doing business in California to publicly disclose the actions they are undertaking to ensure their product supply chains are free from human trafficking and slave labor was designed to increase consumer’s knowledge about products they buy and the companies they choose to support.  While QRP, Inc. does not meet the annual sales required to follow this Act, it aligns well with QRP, Inc.’s core values.

  QRP, Inc., is committed to fair labor practices within its’ supply chain.  We personally visit our suppliers to identify and evaluate the potential risks for human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain.  These regular supplier visits allow the QRP, Inc., team to measure its suppliers’ compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct.  The Supplier Code of Conduct forbids the use of child labor under the age of 15 years and states there shall not be any use of forced labor, whether in the form of prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or other forms of enforced labor.  Potential new suppliers are put through our audit process before placing any production orders with them.  We are currently going through the process of getting our glove suppliers Child Labor Free approved.  Products certified with the Child Labor Free mark provides assurance that brands carrying that mark are committed to operating ethically and ensuring their business is free of child labor.

Supplier Audits:  Auditing our suppliers is a key part of our supply chain, ensuring they adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct.  During our visits, we audit our suppliers to determine if they are complying with our company standards and ensuring human trafficking is not tainting our products.  QRP, Inc. staff also perform extensive announced audits in-house.  Our audits review labor and working conditions, discrimination, wages/benefits and hours of work, environmental responsibility, health/safety, traceability and quality control.  In addition, visual audits/reviews of the supplier’s manufacturing units are conducted.  If we believe that one of our suppliers is not in compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct we will provide each supplier with the opportunity to remedy any non-conforming areas, through the implementation of a corrective action plan.  Proof is required that the area has been remedied.  Should the supplier continue to fail to met our standards, we will take action to eliminate that supplier from our supply chain.

Certification:  To ensure that our suppliers respect and enforce our company standards we include a schedule in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which stipulates that are suppliers abide by our anti-slavery and human trafficking standards, to wit:

  1. Supplier represents that it complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including eradication of forced, indentured, involuntary or compulsory labor in its’  facilities and requires its’ suppliers, including labor brokers and agencies, to do the same.
  2. Supplier represents that its’ supply chain and materials incorporated into its’ products comply with national and international laws prohibiting slavery and human trafficking.
  3. Supplier agrees to treat workers with dignity and respect, provide them with a safe work environment, conduct business in compliance with applicable environmental and employment laws, and refrain from corrupt practices and engaging in human rights violations.

Our suppliers must produce these records to our company auditors upon request.  Such records may include:

  1. Proof of age for every worker
  2. Employee pay records and time sheets
  3. Written documentation of terms and conditions of employment
  4. Local health and safety evaluations or documentation of exemption from same
  5. Records of employee grievances and suggestions and employer responses to same

Internal Accountability:  QRP, Inc. maintains and enforces internal accountability procedures with its’ staff members and suppliers regarding our company standards in slavery and human trafficking.  When a new staff member is inducted a review of our Supplier Code of Conduct and audit process is part of their internal training  Non-compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct regarding slavery and human trafficking can result in corrective action or termination of our supply contract depending on the number of non-compliances found and their severity.  Our internal auditors work with our suppliers to develop their Corrective Action Plan to resolve any areas of non-compliance.

Ongoing Training
:  QRP, Inc. is constantly reviewing and refining its’ systems to educate and increase awareness of and compliance to its’ Supplier Code of Conduct.

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